I teach digital marketing resourcefulness so that entrepreneurs can get more profit.

"Serena Dot Ryan is an Ads Strategist dedicated to Social Media Education for Multi-Channel Business Owners."

Serena Dot Ryan - Women's Business School Social Media Assessor
Serena Dot Ryan - Ausmumpreneur Contributing Writer
Social Media Examiner Contributing Writer
Serena Dot Ryan - NSW Business Chamber Regional Winner 2017

Make The Most Of What You Have First

Serena Dot Ryan is dedicated to getting foundations right.

It makes sense, if you make the most of what you have first, you reduce the amount of money you are spending on paid advertising. Serena Dot Ryan's approach with all courses and online training is to start with what you have and make the most of it. This approach means you don't need to have big budgets for big results. Make the most of the digital marketing courses available. Get set up online and creating content to achieve your business goals.

What Clients Love About Serena Dot Ryan

I Now Stand Out From The Crowd

Antoinette Stonham

I have been working with Serena for over 5 years in that time she has help me with all platforms of social media and my website. We worked on many aspects of digital marketing including helping me launch my Instagram. Serena takes the time to understand your business and what you need to do, to make your business stand out in the digital world. Her passion and expertise for digital marketing is infectious she makes very easy to understand and implement. She goes above and beyond to help you understand what you need and why.

We Are Growing Every 30 Days

Julia Christie

Working with Serena Dot Ryan has been an incredible experience. She is an exceptional worker and has outstanding communication skills. Serena has built a solid foundation for the extensive marketing plan we have built together. Her knowledge and expertise in SEO, web development, social media and email marketing is truly expansive. It has been so exciting to watch her put all the puzzle pieces together and to watch my company and sales grow every 30 days!

Gain Clarity On Facebook Marketing

Big budgets are not required for big results. Discover where and how to start with this cost effective approach to digital marketing.