What You Can Expect

This course is tailored specifically to give clarity to Accountants who are struggling with understanding and using Social Media For Business.

  • Protecting Your Privacy

    Not everything needs to be shared. Making the most of your personal presence for business starts with understanding your privacy settings and implementing them.

  • Checklists

    Be supported. Step by step checklists help you beyond watching videos. Use the support of 3 x Course Checklists for each chapter to make it easier to implement.

  • Understand Business Connections

    Start connecting your content to your business. (No more content for the sake of it!). See how each piece of content fits into your content plan and business goals.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
  • 2
    Chapter #1 - Capitalise On Your Online Presence For Business
    • Chapter Introduction
    • Serena Dot Ryan - Online Presence Checklist
    • Video One - Setting Up Your Online Presence
    • Video Two - LinkedIn and Instagram Set Up and Sharing Business Posts
    • Video Three - Reviewing Metrics and Next Steps
  • 3
    Chapter #2 - How To Create Videos For Business
    • Chapter Introduction
    • Serena Dot Ryan - Creating Videos For Business Checklist
    • Video One - Where to Start Creating Videos For Business
    • Video Two - How To Identify Successful Videos
    • Video Three - How To Create Videos For Business
  • 4
    Chapter #3 - How To Create Blogs for Business
    • Chapter Introduction
    • Serena Dot Ryan - Blog Writing Checklist
    • Video One - Blogging For Business Video Course
    • Video Two - Blogging For Business Video Course
    • Video Three - The Value and Art Of Repurposing Blogs
  • 5
    Next steps
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Before you go...

Get Ready, Set and GROW Your Practice

'Get ready', secure your privacy and establish your online presence, set up your content to optimise visibility and start GROWing!

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Learn with Serena Dot Ryan, Digital Marketing Strategist with 15 years experience and specialising in working with Accountants.

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